20 Best Funny Life Quotes With Images

Life quotes are the best way to express your life and sources of good inspiration. when you really need something more than inspiration then funny life quotes are the best way to make your mood a little bit more relaxed and enjoyable. our average human Life is full of stress and pressure of work. There is no person who is stress free even a four year kid has his or her own problems. Some people are stressed up because they don’t have enough time; some stress because they have much time and nothing to do; others are stressed because they do not like some people.

However, what ever the situvation is, our funny life quotes can help a person tickle his or her bone and make some unforgettable funny moment. these funny Life quotes gives us life lessons without requiring us to through the experience and also provides us wisdom to make good life.

You can use these quotations to add fun to your life so that your mind feels refreshed every time you read them. Checkout 20 best funny life quotes with images for your inspiration. don’t forget to share them. Enjoy!

Best Funny Life Quotes

  • Life is too short to spend with those people who will suck the happiness out of you
  • They say we learn from our past mistakes that is why I am making as many mistakes as possible to be a genius.
  • The differences between life and school: In life you are given a test that teaches you a lesson while at school you are taught a lesson and then given a test.
  • Why you pass through tough situation in life do not say why me? Just say try me!
  • When life hands you lemons make grape juice and then sit down and watch the world wonders how you make it
  • I am not actually funny, I am just mean and people always think I am joking
  • Do not like me? Okay I do not wake up every day to impress you
  • Life was much easier when blackberry and apples were just fruits
  • I am still waiting for the day when I will be using differentiation concept of calculus in real life.
  • You cannot always control who walks in your life but you can control which window you through them outside.
  • Nobody dies as a virgin life f***s us all.
  • Life is too short to waste your time pretending to stupid bitches
  • You will never realize how boring your life is until when a person asks you what you like to do for fun
  • Laugh at the problems you have everyone else does
  • The world can be amazing when you are slightly strange
  • Live like a spongebob, laugh out loud all days without any reason and annoy all mean people with your happiness.
  • Sometimes I try to pretend to be normal but it gets boring hence I go back to being myself

Best Funny Life Quotes With Images

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I asked life Why you are so difficult Life smiled and said You people never appreciate easy things



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