40+ Love Failure Status for Whatsapp

Once in a lifetime everybody falls in love with someone, it’s the most desired feeling for every human being to love and to be loved by someone. unfortunately, relationships are not that healthy at all times, and some of them won’t work out as we expected and leaves you with a broken heart.

For those people going through the most difficult times in their life, here is some love failure status for Whatsapp that really can help you in the process of healing your heart. we have also included some love failure Whatsapp DP images that you can also use to let the people you care about know how you feeling right now.

Love Failure Status for Whatsapp


Love Failure Status for Whatsapp
Love Failure Status for Whatsapp


Don’t waste your affection on the wrong one who is not responding.

I tried to forget you, but the harder I tried, the more I thought about you.

My silence is just another word for my pain.

But don’t miss to keep your affection to the right ones who respect is it.

Tears are prayers too. They travel to God when we can’t speak.

Why does it always have to be the one that you love the most hits you the hardest?

Have the courage to learn from your breakups.

All this bullshit made me strong.

I listen to sad music because I am sad.

I wish that I had never met you. So that my love would have never failed.

sometimes people gets you hurt

Failures are a part of life. If you don’t fail, you don’t learn. If you don’t learn, you’ll never change.

Love fails only when we fail to love.

I trusted you but now your words mean nothing to me.

Love doesn’t hurt, loving the wrong person hurts more.

Nothing hurts more than realizing he meant everything to you & you meant nothing to him.

Most relationship fails because one person was being loved too much & the other wasn’t being loved enough.

I hate being broken. I hate that I cannot go back.

How did we go from talking every day to strangers?

I hate that feeling of being a disappointment; a failure to everyone around me. Unfortunately, I feel like that every day.

Sometimes failures are simply opportunities to begin again, this time with more insight into what we really need in order to be successful and happy.

Tears are prayers when we cant speak to god

It is said to be happy alone.

If someone really loves you, no matter how many other people they meet. Their feeling for you wouldn’t change. A real lover can’t be stolen.

I act like I don’t care but inside it hurts I swear.

Sometimes we put up walls, not to keep people out but to see who cares enough to knock them down.

I don’t hate you. I hate what you have done to me.

I am still waiting for someone who will never come.

Sometimes people have to cry out all their tears, to make room for a heart full of smiles.

Give me my heart back, you don’t deserve a piece of it.

I’m learning to trust the journey even when I do not understand it.

I will go and find my way. You go and find your way. It’s over now.

Technically I am in a relationship but I know that you really broke me from the inside.

dont judge me before walk in my shoes

Don’t fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things. The saddest summary of a life contains three descriptions: could have, might have, and should have.

Some people are meant to fall in love with each other, but not meant to be together.

I don’t usually sleep enough, but when I do, it’s still not enough.

Going to keep all my secrets to myself since some people I can’t trust.

You judge my life know by what you think you know, I wonder what you would say if you knew what my life was really like, Judge me after you walk in my shoes.

So it’s true. When all is said & done.

The most painful memory, when I walked away & you let me go.

Now it’s back to the way we started…Strangers

It hurts when you left but I still have our memories.

Love is heaven but it can hurt like hell.

Trust me, you will need me one day.

The hardest part about loving someone is watching that person love another person.

dont change so people will like you

Sometimes things don’t happen the way we want them. But after the pain, failure, and disappointment, we become stronger in a way those things are Blessings.

I hate when people say they miss you but don’t make an effort to speak to you or see you. !!

You hurt me more than I deserve because I loved you more than you deserve.

Sometimes the best thing you can do is not think, not wonder, not imagine, not obsess.

Never cry for the ones who don’t deserve your tears.

The harder I try the harder I fall in love with you but you’re not.

Just give me some time & I promise I will get over you.

Don’t change so people will like you. Be yourself & the right people will love the real you.

I don’t think you will ever understand how much I used to love you.

sometimes the people that u don’t want to get hurt don’t care if they hurt you!

There’s nothing too far gone that God can’t restore.

Grief is the price we pay for love.

Cry as much as you want but make sure when you stop you never cry again for the same reason.

Don’t mess with someone’s feelings just because you are unsure of yours.

It hurts when you make time for everyone except me.

The greatest pain that comes from love is loving someone you can never have.

Just breathe and have faith that everything will work out for the best.

Different people have a different definition for love failure,  In the normal sense, failure is a lack of mutual understanding and stop caring for each other at a point in your love life. leading to depression and discomfort in relationships.   Assessing the magnitude of failure is something on its own that is difficult to ascertain. we hope you can overcome these difficult times in your life, for that, we have here collected some of love failure status for Whatsapp or sad love status for Whatsapp or Broken Heart Whatsapp Status and the best emotional heart touching love failure quotes for WhatsApp status.  so that we make our heart feel comfortable for sometimes.  so update your Whatsapp with these broken hearts Whatsapp status to let the world know how you feel.  You can also check out our love failure quotes for some more motivation.